A Little About Me

It’s nearly cliché to say that I have always had a love for jewellery, but it’s true, from toy jewels and plastic gems, to making my own beaded jewellery and always knowing I wanted to work creatively with my hands.

Making jewellery is deeply satisfying, as there are so many processes and steps along the way. Each piece is different and presents its own challenges and opportunities to employ age-old techniques or new technology. It’s the thinking through of these processes that’s so fascinating, the finished piece emerging after the final polish to just wow you.

After nearly 25 years I still get excited about each piece and know that this will continue for a very long time.

My Work

My aesthetic is simple, elegant and with a certain delicacy. I work to find the right balance between simplicity and the exceptional impact of bespoke design. It’s a fine line that I like to think I walk on the right side of with my jewellery exuding a certain tenderness and appeal to be worn.

I began my jewellery career in Holland and have been based in Skibbereen since 2005, having worked in jewellery making and design in Dublin and Glasgow. This exposure to different design cultures has helped shape my design aesthetic. My work, a selection of which you’ll see on this website, speaks to my own expertise and experience. I enjoy working with my clients to ensure their own personal aesthetic and life experience is also reflected in each commissioned piece.

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