Titanium is a very lightweight and hard material, it is around 20 times as hard as steel.The titanium used in men’s rings is a commercial grade and is also used in the Aerospace industry.
Titanium is hypo-allergenic, which means its suitable for everyone to wear. It has an attractive light grey colour.


Zirconium is currently very popular in its blackened state; a very hard oxidisation on the metal. This finish is durable and hardwearing. It can also be anodised in a rainbow of different colours.


This is a relatively new material for wedding bands, more commonly used in electronics. It’s a great choice if you would like something dark, but not as black as a zirconium ring. It’s also heavier than titanium and zirconium.

An assurance from the tantalum supplier regarding the origin of the material: …our source of material is an approved member of the EICC covering conflict free materials as well as trafficked & forced labour. The EICC specifically excludes materials sourced from DRC.”

Damascus Steel

Referring to the ancient technique for sword making, modern Damascus is made by combining two different steels that are welded and forged into a bar or rod with a multitude of layers. After patterning techniques are applied, the Damascus is etched to reveal the distinctive pattern of those layers; the signature swirling configuration made famous by those ancient weapons.

Choosing a Men’s Wedding Ring

The most important consideration is to choose something that you will be comfortable wearing.

There are a few deciding factors for this – shape, size and metal choice.

Also consider if you will be able to wear your ring to work or not, and how hard wearing you might be on it.

I have many samples for you to try on, and images to help you to come to the right decision on a wedding band. Come along with an open mind, you might be surprised by what suits you when you try it on.

When choosing an alternative material, keep in mind ring sizing (once made).

Other than tantalum, they are all very restricted in being able to be resized once they are made. So many men have never worn a ring before and find it very strange the first time they try one on. But trust me, you get used to wearing a wedding band very quickly, and you’ll soon want to have it with you always!


Engraving is a versatile way of adding detail to the outside, or inside of your wedding band. You can have patterns, text, handwriting and fingerprints laser engraved on the band. Patterns can be geometric, Celtic-inspired, textures and even something like motorbike tyres can offer inspiration for a pattern.

Ogham or roman numerals are a subtle and decorative way of personalising the band for adding initials/names or the date.

One of the most popular ways to personalise a wedding band is to add your spouse’s fingerprint to the inside or outside of the band. I have a special kit in the workshop to take a fingerprint, but if you can’t make it, I can post it to you with instructions.

The Process – FAQ’s

How does the process begin?

You can call or email me to request an appointment and possibly explain a little bit of what you are looking for. Or book yourself in for a consultation here.

Can we visit you to see your work first?

Of course you can. I have lots of samples, and if I don’t have something, it can be made. You can arrange your visit here.

Do you make these rings?

I have carefully selected the manufacturers for these rings. I don’t have the capacity in my workshop to work with these alternative materials. These companies are all small manufacturers and they take great pride in producing top quality jewellery.

How long does it typically take to a ring designed?

Allow about 8 weeks for the ring to be made

Do you offer a nationwide service?

Yes I do, I can meet you in my workshop in Skibbereen or we can schedule a meeting online.

Do you do engraving?

Yes I offer this for all rings that I supply, usually the date and/or name or initials, but if you have a special message you would like to have engraved that can be arranged as long as it fits. There is no extra charge for this, it’s all part of the service.

What is a typical price-range?

It’s hard to say as it is dependent on the fingersize, width of band and materials, but I will be able to give you a price once we have discussed these details.

We absolutely love them

Aoife designed my husband’s and I wedding rings! We absolutely love them, it was such a special thing for us to design our own rings with Aoife’s expertise. Thank you so much Aoife I’d highly recommend you


A True Professional

I have commissioned various pieces and Aoife has always provided high quality very original designs – I would use Aoife’s jewellery skills any time again!



Aww I love the ring so much Aoife! Thanks a million!
…”I just love the shape and design so much, and would highly recommend you”…


So Happy!!

When we made a trip to visit her studio her range of options was fantastic from traditional to modern beautiful bride and groom wedding bands. Having collected our stunning rings in preparation for the big day, we know we made the best decision to have them created by Aoife.


“I work to find the right balance between simplicity and the exceptional impact of bespoke design.”

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