I am available to design and make a piece of jewellery for you, or you might like to give a piece of jewellery as a gift. If you have ideas I can work with these, alternatively I can take time to discuss with you what you like and come to a design this way.

Along the way I will try to keep the process as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. I can show you rough sketches, CAD drawings and renders, and samples of previous work so that you’re 100% satisfied when you go ahead that the resulting piece of jewellery will be even better than expected.


The process starts with a sketch on paper, in this instance a design for a Claddagh ring, exploring the possibility of setting a little stone in the crown or heart.

CAD Render

This will give you a very clear digital representation of the piece. At this stage it’s very easy to make adjustments to the design.

Finished Piece

Here’s the beautiful platinum Claddagh ring all finished, and as promised, even better in real life!

Case Study: Sapphire Engagement Ring

This was a special commission for a Canadian couple who were planning to get engaged in Ireland. They wanted to buy the ring from an Irish goldsmith to always have that special link with the country. This commission was done completely by email and phone conversations.

Choosing the Stone

I took a number of pictures of the available sapphires I had, to show their size and colours. Showing the stones next to different metals to see what that looked like and also on my finger for scale.


The customer indicated styles that he preferred and we played around with a few different design ideas. This stage can be really straightforward and sometimes it can throw up some interesting ideas that can bring the design down a different, unexpected route.

CAD Render

It was very important to get the render of the ring looking good as we wouldn’t be meeting up before the ring was made. I showed the ring from different angles and this would be the time to make any necessary adjustments. The stone in this render isn’t the final colour, and it was all about the actual ring shape here.

The Finished Ring

Isn’t it a stunning and delicate ring? The peachy sapphire is really complimented by the 18ct rose gold. The customer was thrilled with the finished ring.

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