I call them dress rings, others call them righthand rings. Whatever you choose to call them, they’re always fabulous and to be celebrated. This ring might be to mark a special time in your life, a milestone, or maybe just because. There are no limits to what you can have or where you can go with this.

Sapphire and Diamond Pip Ring

This is a delicate and simple 18ct yellow gold pip ring set with a blue sapphire and rose cut grey diamond. A beautiful little ring suitable for all occasions

Peridot Shield Ring

This ring started off as a request from a customer looking for a large peridot ring. I contacted one of my suppliers who happened to have this amazing peridot in stock. It’s such an unusual shape and included with tourmaline crystals. A truly one off stone. I set it in an elegant 18ct yellow gold mount.

Bill Cunningham

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