We all wear jewellery for many different reasons, but usually it’s because it evokes a feeling within us, that can be love, fond memories, a sense of achievement or a boost to our confidence. Wearing jewellery is always about making a statement through fashion. Each choice, each piece says a little (or a lot) about who we are. Some pieces are for everyday wear, others tend to be for special occasions. But jewellery is meant to be worn, and made specifically to be worn. So wear it and enjoy it no one can admire something sitting in a box!

There is an almost limitless range of options available for creating the perfect piece of jewellery for every woman. I can help you navigate these choices to enable you to create that treasured item for you.

Joy Pendant

A playful intermingling of shape and cut that shows the diamonds off at their best.  This is a delicate handmade pendant that can easily be worn every day and bring a little Joy.

Lapis Lazuli Bangle

The beautiful blue in Lapis Lazuli teams perfectly with 18ct yellow gold The diamonds add extra sparkle and luxury to a simple and elegant torc bangle.

Silver Beacon

Originally designed in 2010 as a limited edition piece this silver version was released in 2015 to celebrate my 10th anniversary and sold in conjunction with Wish in Skibbereen.

The piece depicts the iconic Beacon in Baltimore and 10% of sales will be donated to the Baltimore RNLI.

To purchase this piece in support of the RNLI please Shop Here

My aesthetic is simple, elegant and with a certain delicacy. I work to find the right balance between simplicity and the exceptional impact of bespoke design. It’s a fine line that I like to think I walk on the right side of, with my jewellery exuding a certain tenderness and appeal to be worn.

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