I design and sell lot’s of wedding bands for men. Thankfully, there is now great scope to be creative with men’s wedding bands, with new materials, surface finishes, engraving, etc. But men’s jewellery does not begin and end with wedding jewellery!

There are plenty of other items of jewellery that men enjoy wearing, more traditional pieces currently enjoying a very welcome return to popularity include cufflinks and signet rings. Many men will also enjoy a bespoke ring that stands alone and needs no justification apart from it being a handsome and meaningful piece.

My clients have been inspired to create a piece of jewellery for themselves by movies, sporting achievements and to mark personal achievements.

If you think that the man in your life has everything, then why not create a bespoke piece of jewellery for him?

A great piece of jewellery also has the charm of being timeless – it can be passed on to future generations. Gifting such an object to a son or daughter is a physical, unbreakable link between generations.

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