You might have a stash of old gold jewellery in a drawer; you’ve been left some jewellery by somebody very dear or you would like to breathe new life into an old piece, like your engagement ring. I can use the diamonds or gemstones and gold from your pieces to create a new piece of jewellery that you will love and cherish. If you have a large stash I can have that recycled and swapped for fresh metal and the balance can be used towards the price for making the piece of jewellery. However I don’t buy gold for cash alone.

The remodelling can involve completely reimagining an old piece or replicating a much loved piece of costume jewellery that you have worn out.

Through a combination of designs and CAD drawings we will be able to come to the perfect design for your new piece of jewellery.

Case Study - Wedding Band

Step 1

A 9ct yellow gold signet ring left to my customer by a loved one. I am going to use the gold to add detail to a platinum wedding band

Step 2

Using a propane torch I melt the ring

Step 3

This is the bar that was cast from the ring. This bar will now be rolled down using a rolling mills to create the correct width and thickness

Step 4

I turned up the band and soldered it, making sure it was the correct fingersize. I then made the platinum band that will slide over the top

Step 5

The platinum band fits nice and snug. I have left the surface of the gold band quite textured to allow for better soldering later


Ready for the 2 bands to be soldered together and then its on to finishing. This will include making the channel for the yellow gold detail and shaping the band and polishing it all.

The Result

A striking yet subtle wedding band. By combining the 2 metals the customer got to have a platinum band, to match his spouse while still using the gold from a piece of jewellery that had been so precious . this is where the power of jewellery and its true value is, you cant put a price on sentiment.

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